How Web Application Work And The Benefits Of It

Website application or web apps is a software program that perform task over the internet. These website application runs on a web server or web technology and accessed through a web browser. Any email website like Facebook, Gmail are the best example of web apps.


Numerous businesses use the website applications as a cheap communications channel. With the web application development services you can easily provide information of clients and make transactions fast and secure. That's the reason, business is only possible when they able to comprise and store all the important data and presenting this information and the results to the clients.

Web apps use a blend of server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) to handle the information of the storage data, and client-side scripts (JavaScript and HTML) to provide information to users. Web development services allows to connect users with the company online forms, content management systems, shopping carts and more.

How a website application works

Web apps are created on the browser supported lunguage such as html, javascript and more as these depand on the browser to render the program executable. Web applications have two types – dynamic, requiring server-side processing and static, no processing required at the server.


Web applications flow on the server

  • Web browser request a web page over the Internet to the web server

  • Web Server receive request and forward this to the appropriate web application server

  • Web application server generate the results of requested task and sends results to the web server

  • Web server receive the requested information and then send output to the web browser and display user


Example of a Web Application

Web applications involve shopping carts, online forms, spreadsheets, word processors, video and photo editing, file scanning, file conversion and email website (Gmail, Yahoo and AOL). Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are the popular applications.

Advantages of web Applications

  • Web applications run on multiple devices, which means the browser is compatible

  • It access the same version, so remove any similar issues

  • Web Applications are not installed on the hard drive, thus remove space time

  • They eliminate software piracy in subscription based web applications

  • These are cost-effective for both the business and end user as these required by the business and end user

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